Where do Keyword Tools Get Their Keywords From?

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You might have wondered like me Where do Keyword Tools Get Their Keywords From? And the short but realistic answer is the all-mighty Google itself. they have all the data they need to form the users that search on their webpage and since they hold 98% of all global data they are the ones that feed the information to the keyword Tools.

This does not mean that other search engines don’t deliver their results to these tools in fact many of them do. but I’m going to talk about Google maybe it will help this post rank faster, I’m kidding, or maybe not.

You might have wondered like me Where do Keyword Tools Get Their Keywords From? And the short but realistic answer is the all-mighty Google itself.

Since Google’s main objective is to connect people with the right information they own algorithm test variables like time spent on site if the query had a useful answer and so on.

The main way they access the data from google is by using API (application programming interface) its a fancy way to say they give access to the data. not only search engines have API many databases have them.

But that is not the only way they can get access to it, just imagine that you are a coder and developed a program that searched on google for a set of keywords and then recollected the main information of the top 100 results. sound fun!

But not everyone can do this because you have to have a huge amount of resources and also a kick-ass algorithm to sort the information and even with this you still need time to test it out.

It’s no joke when I say even Google is trying to make their algorithm better every year and the and they have had five major updates.

  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Hummingbird
  • Pigeon
  • Fred

What type of data do they get access to?

First of all, let me be clear about one thing the tools are not flawless they do have their problems, and its mainly on the people that capture the data who want to display it. and even Google does this a bit wrong.

If you go to Google’s keyword planner, you will enter a keyword and see results such as Volume 100 clicks per month. they’re averaging the results and in my mind, they might be doing it by rounding up the numbers.

What is the data that these tools display? let’s start with google. these are the options that you are shown when making you keyword plan.

Some more specialized tools will give you extra information that will help you determine if you are likely to rank for the keyword.

There is some data that SEO tools provide that is a metric they developed and each tool has its own set of parameters to give the scores.

You might have wondered like me Where do Keyword Tools Get Their Keywords From? And the short but realistic answer is the all-mighty Google itself.

How Important is search volume?

Well to put it simply its very important since the higher the search volume the higher the traffic you can get from those keywords. But you need to know that you will get only a percentage of those searches since you will have to share them with the on other sites on page 1.

You have to plan your content strategy accordingly, if your site has a long time and has good quality content you could start targeting seed keywords but if you are new you should stick to long tail keywords they are high converting and easier to rank for.

How do I know my domain ranking?

I will give you to ways to get your domain ranking there are more but I find that domain ranking is long term strategy and you should target later on.

Check your domain ranking o ahrefs domain checker, as one of the long-standing SEO tools on the web their algorithm is one of the most reliable online. Click the link below to input your domain name and get your score.

Website “Authority” Checker

The second way to check is to semrush open an account that is free and to to the domain overview tab here you will get useful information on how your website is positioned. below you will se how I ran the domain of canva and the style of information that gives you back.

semrush Authority score

semrush autority score


Now that you know where these tools get their data, you have to plan what to do with it. you can leverage your business on organic traffic if you have the time, if not you can create advertising campaigns with the keywords that people search reach immediately.

If you would like to know a bit more about search tools you can check out my review on semrush which is the tool I currently use.