• Date: October 13, 2021
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ShineRanker is a new keyword research tool that will help you find keywords that are highly relevant to your business. This software was created by Chase Reiner, who has been in the SEO industry for over 7 years. The software does not require any complicated inputs and can be used immediately after subscribing to the Tool!

I have been creating blogs for about 4 years, and to be honest one of the biggest hurdles in the industry is to find good volume keywords with low competition to get you started.

The Shine Ranker Tool did not exist when I solved this issue but I wish it did. The Tool addresses all the typical issues of Keyword Research and does a great job at it!.

I’m very sure that if I had this Shine Ranker Keyword Tool when I started I could have shortened the time to get my niche relevant keywords rank on google. But crying over spilled milk does nobody any good. I have taken over 300 keywords from these tools and put them to work for me since then.


Things to consider before buying a Keyword Research Tool

Finding Keywords to target is not an easy task and even more, if you are a beginner, so having a tool that gives you low competition keywords to target is great.

This is great for people that are starting a blog or have a blog and want to escalate their traffic building content around low competition topics.

Here are some of the things you should think about before purchasing Shine Ranker

  • Is it easy to use?
  • What is the monthly Cost?
  • Does it help me with my most demanding keyword search problem?
  • Can it help me with my on-page SEO?

What is Shine Ranker?

It’s a web application that helps new and experienced bloggers find High Volume low competition keywords that you can rank for. Helping the user come up with tons of keyword ideas for content that is relatively easy to rank on google.

Remember that starting a new blog with no authority takes time and effort, but aiming for the keywords the tools provides you is a very good strategy.

Who is Shine Ranker For?

I can honestly say that it is for anyone that has a blog or is in the SEO industry looking to improve their website’s authority or their clients.

How Does Shine Ranker Work?

The Shine Ranker Keyword Tool works in a very simple but effective way. It not only searches for topic-related keywords in your niche from the suggestions you feed it. but it also makes an All In Title Google Search on them to determine its competition.

Have you Heard About the KGR (Keyword Golden Ratio) develop by Doug Cunnington, if not here is a great article about it? here is a blunt explanation.

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)

The KGR is a technique for finding keywords that are not too competitive in the hopes of ranking quickly and cheaply on Google’s first page. The general idea behind this strategy is to find keywords with little competition while still being profitable.

So Shine Ranker does the same, but since the parameters are set internally we don’t really know what exactly makes it EASY, MEDIUM, or HARD keywords.

I know that many online tools have the same purpose but what makes Shine Ranker stand out are its parameters and how it finds topics and keywords to rank for.

Here are some examples of All In Title Google Searches to define the competition.

Here is a High Competition Keyword

Here is Low Competition Keyword

Shine Rank Main Features

Shine Rank is a very new tool and I must say that it has evolved in the few weeks that it has been up, changing dramatically and all for the best.

The main features they offer are 4

  • Keywords Research
  • Keywords Difficulty
  • Keywords Check
  • Shine Audit

Shine Rank Keyword Research

This function is pretty straightforward, you just have to input some ideas, topics, or queries and it will find thousands of keywords related to the topic. Yes, I Know-nothing that other keyword tools can do. Not quite I have run some tests with Ahrefs and Shine Ranker Simultaneously and have gotten very different results.

Take the keyword SEO Analysis reports, If I take ahrefs KD score I would not go after that keyword since it’s well over 70, but shine rank shows that it is an easy keyword to target.

But Shine Ranker takes it as easy, so if you are going for a super competitive niche as SEO targeting these keywords is a good Idea.

Shine Ranker Difficulty

Here is where the tool really shines, doing the manual work of coming up with keyword ideas and then classifying them as low competition is very time-consuming and tedious work.

If the work is all done for you you just have to go for the easy keywords and create content that ranks around them.

Honestly, this is why I think this tool is great for beginners.

Shine Ranker Check

I know that this feature is a bit advance and in fact, you might have a difficult time finding keywords in the determined URL, but since the developers are constantly upgrading the tool I’m sure it will be better with time.

Shine Ranker Shine Audit

As I said before the tool really excels for beginners, the shine audit feature lets you audit your site while you make changes and update it it will give you updates and it has a great suggestion of optimizations to make your on-page SEO success. with really simple changes.

Chase Reiner

Over 4000 people follow chase Reiner on his YouTube channel and Facebook group, he has built a community of SEO enthusiasts that is continuously growing. and I suggest you follow him. You can do that by clicking on the images.

How Much Is Shine Ranker?

Shine Ranker currently is priced at 75 US dollars for the month, the best part is it is billed from your start date, not an end-of-month recurring payment. In my opinion, is quite cheap for a keyword tool.

How to Cancel your subscription to Shine Ranker Keyword Tool?

its very easy just open the menu under your name on the upper left side of the page, and enter to settings. this will show your status and a big Cancel your subscription button is right there in pretty Pink.

What are the best alternatives to Shine Ranker?

If you are not sure if Shine Ranker is for you here are some alternatives that might work for you.


Domain Ranking example
domain ranking example

Ahrefs is the best website audit tool ever! It has everything that you need in order to keep your SEO health on point. Site Audit will diagnose any and all problems with your site, Alerts will let you know when new backlinks are released or lost, and Ahrefs Keywords Rankings List tells you what other websites rank for keywords related to yours. Finally, we have a powerful web crawler that catalogs every single link available online – helping you find out who’s linking to your competition but not to you (score!).


You can also see our post on SEMrush and see the benefits the software can offer you.

If you have the budget you should buy Semrush. You want your website to rank high in Google, but don’t have the time or expertise to figure out how. You need a trustworthy partner who can give them expert advice and the coolest features around.

SEMrush is that partner for you- it’s got everything from keyword research and competitor tracking to site auditing and backlink analysis! And more importantly, they offer transparent pricing so there are no hidden fees.


Have you ever been sitting at your desk, wishing you had a shortcut to adopt the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can take advantage of their successes but without getting bogged down by unfollowable advice or wasting an hour surfing the web? Your wish has been granted! Ubbersuggest gives you insight into what is going on in the minds of people impacted by your product and tells you how they’re succeeding. You just type in any topic from “customer service best practices” to “student loan repayments”, and within seconds Ubbersuggest provides an overview with TOP results.

Why I recommend Shine Ranker if You Are a Beginner?

Shine ranker will provide you with great keywords to get you started not only that it gives you low competition keywords that will make your job that much easier.

Also it will not overcomplicate things with hundreds of filters and input parameters that many people don’t use right anyway. You will have a clear understanding of the topics you should go for when starting out.


Shine Ranker is a great way to start building a list of keywords for your SEO campaign. It will find you low competition, high search volume phrases that are perfect for getting started with organic marketing.

You can create a free account and then use their keyword suggestion tool to see what’s trending in your industry right now.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to filter by topic or type of phrase so you know exactly where you should be focusing your efforts as an advertiser looking for new customers on the web today.

Sign up now and get ready to take over the SERPs!