What Program Does GameGrumps, Tobuscus, and Dashie Use to Animate?




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If you’re a YouTube user, you may have heard of three of my favorite content creators.

These are GameGrumps, Tobuscus, and Dashie, and I admire the videos they make as they all have phenomenal animation.

What do They Use To Animate?

However, something that caught my attention in their comment sections was what programs do these creators use for animation? Being a fanatic in anything motion design and animation, I became interested in finding out this question.

After some in-depth research, I was able to find out the following.

Each of these video creators uses a different animation program to create their content. GameGrumps uses Adobe Premiere CS6 ($27.99/Mo) Tobuscus is currently operating on Unity ($150/Mo), and lastly, Dashie, at this present time, is using Adobe Animate ($27.99/Mo). 

Each program will provide a selection of benefits depending on the user’s skills.

In this article, we’re going to give an introduction to each of these software’s and their pros and cons.

Adobe Premiere CS6

The famous Adobe Premiere CS6 used by GameGrumps has been utilized in the industry for years, from amateurs to professionals.

use to animate adobe premier cs6

It’s an excellent software for individuals with a basic understanding of film creation and want to develop video content at an above-average level.

It’s popular because of its non-linear editing interface, which offers a large number of powerful features.


  • Superb video and audio editing.
  • Works with all operating systems – Including Windows OS and MacOS.
  • Conveniently build in non-linear video editing.
  • Supports a vast variety of audio and video formats, including Flash Video, HD, and HDV
  • Video editing in real-time.


  • Requires a relatively powerful device.
  • Only offers a 30-day free trial per user.


Unity is a cutting-edge game engine that some top-rated gaming developers use.

Animators can also benefit from this as you’re able to create stunning 2D and 3D videos and images.

It’s well known in both the gaming and animation industry as it can provide seamless visuals at a pristine quality.

With Unity, there are three main functions:

Game engine – This feature lets you create, test, and play the game in an array of different environments.

Application – Here, you’ll be able to generate a design and user interface and combine them together to test for a graphics and play function.

Code editor – Something animators won’t use is their code editor. Here the IDE will provide a text editor to input code.


  • Using Unity isn’t rocket science and can be remarkably easy to use.
  • Outstanding for rendering 2 and 3-dimensional scenes.
  • Offers exceptional graphics for both gaming developers and animators.
  • Unity Teams allows for accessible communication and collaboration.


  • Licensing of this software is pretty substantial in comparison to the others available on the market.
  • It’s gradually becoming outdated and can become slow in certain circumstances.  
  • It doesn’t allow you to work or load from a template/foundation. Meaning you’ll have to start a fresh creation each time.

Adobe Animate

The most used animating software has to be Adobe Animate.

Most Adobe products are deemed a gold standard, and this software certainly follows suit.

They’ve been consistent through the years of development for these types of software, and I’m sure they’ll continue to do so in the future.

Adobe Animate, also known as “Adobe Flash” is a professional animation software that lives up to the brand’s reputation.

It’s got an enormous selection of animation tools to suit everybody’s needs as well as supporting pretty much every file type, modifying tools, and plugins.

This software includes an editing interface that takes years to master.

If you create flash games, kinetic typography, cartoons, movie animations, GIFs, and essentially anything to do with moving images, then Adobe Animate is more than worth taking a look into.

It’s ideal for industry professionals, hobbyists, and students within the industry.

The only massive downside to using such a complex and powerful system is that it may take new users hours upon hours of watching tutorials, attending classes, or applying for work experience to learn about the software.

But, once you’ve mastered it, the benefits you can reek from this program will undoubtedly show.


  • Many automation functions.
  • Huge number of outputs to select from.
  • Layered rigging.
  • Complex yet relatively easy interface once you’ve learned about the software.


  • You’ll experience limitation of vector graphics
  • It’s a steep learning curve for any novice that hasn’t used this software before.
  • You will need a high-spec device and especially for larger projects to run this program.

Advantages of Using Animation in Videos

By the title of this article, the reason you’ve come here today is that you’ve seen some stylish animation from one of these YouTubers – GameGrumps, Tobuscus, and Dashie.

From the interest you’ve shown, I can assume that you want to implement animation into your videos to make them more engaging.

But what are the advantages of using animation in videos?

Clarify, inform, entertain

When a YouTuber implements animation into their videos, it’s clear it does one of the following – clarify a situation, inform the user about something, or entertain the consumer.

After all, sometimes it’s hard to explain something just over voice or text.

To make this much easier, you can create an animation to help explain what you’re trying to express.

It saves a load of time 

Put yourself in the consumer’s eyes.

How would you like to receive information? Personally, and I vouch from many people on earth, I’d much prefer to receive information with visuals.

By relaying the information through visuals, it’s much easier for the user to gather what you’re trying to achieve.

Instead of using long and wordy explanations, it’s a lot easier just to explain something over an animation.

Increases engagement

Humans are becoming lazier, and their attention spans are shrinking by the year.

We no longer like to read bulk loads of text.

What we want to receive is information that is easy to understand.

By generating an animation that can provide ease of understanding to the consumer can hugely increase engagement.


There is an array of different animation programs available today, and it really depends on your skill level, price range, and features you require.

All of the above can benefit an animator, but I suggest you opt-in for their free trials before making the initial investment.

It’ll be more than worth doing as you’ll be able to grasp a better understanding of how each software can help you in the future.

It’s evident that animation is a great tool to introduce into your YouTube videos.

It massively increases the overall engagement by providing an easy-to-understand snippet of information.

This could be used to generate humor or for educational purposes.

If you are looking to create videos for Youtube you should check out our post on Best Video Maker

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